How can I protect myself from MPV?

Avoid skin-on-pores and skin touch with humans who have a rash that looks like MPV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccination for people who’ve been uncovered to MPV and people who are at higher threat of being uncovered to MPV.

The accredited vaccine, JYNNEOS, affords the great safety from monkeypox for people who are at extra risk. North Carolina has authorized use of the vaccine for people aged 18 and older who’re:

A recognized close touch to someone who has been recognized to have MPV.
A person with sure danger elements that make it much more likely to be uncovered to MPV. Currently, those threat elements encompass guys who have intercourse with men or transgender ladies who, inside the beyond 90 days, has had a couple of or nameless intercourse companions, has been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted sickness, or has been receiving HIV pre-publicity prophyalxis.
Campus Health has a limited number of vaccine doses and it is to be had to at risk students. If students accept as true with they’re eligible for the vaccine they are able to call Campus Health, 919.515.2563 and ask for “JYNNEOS vaccine consultation”. If students accept as true with they had been uncovered and are sick, they can make an appointment at Campus Health on-line or call 919.515.2563.

More records approximately danger factors and vaccine availability in Wake County may be located right here.

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